Party/group starter kits
Party/group starter kits

Party/group starter kits

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Perfect for groups or a fun activity at parties. These kits contain everything (apart from scissors) to learn this new method of making pompoms.

The bags contain either 5 or 10 Multipom-pompom makers with a 25g ball of yarn and a chenille needle to go with each.

The 5 frame starter kits are supplied in a spotty drawstring bag and the 10 frame kits are supplied in a striped drawstring bag.

Full instructions are included with each kit. Continue to use the pompom makers with any yarn to make thousands of pompoms in any size. Ideal for decorations, accessorising clothes, soft furnishings etc.

UK delivery only.

Each kit contains either 5 or 10 sets of:

  • Metal Multipom pompom makers
  • 25g balls of acrylic double knitting yarn in assorted colours
  • Chenille needles to attach the pompoms
  • 1 booklet of instructions, tips and ideas
  • All contained in a single cotton drawstring bag