About us

amazing multiple pompom maker

The amazing Multipom was designed by our founder, Sue Walton. a stitched textile artist with a detailed understanding of the properties of fibres and how they can be used.  Sue’s textile art is constructed from diverse materials and techniques to create high relief work which can be seen at www.suewalton.co.uk. Sue saw the potential to develop a brand-new design that enables the quick and easy making of multiple pompoms.

A unique pompom maker

This simple and fast method of making lots of identical pompoms at the same time really opens up the potential uses and range of applications of pompoms. We may recall childhood memories of cutting circles of card to make just 1 pompom, and other pom-pom makers on the market might simplify this process. However, only the Multipom enables you to make up to 20 identical pompoms at a time, any size between 1cm and 12 cm diameter, using any yarn.

British design

We are a small, family-run business based in Suffolk, and are proud that the Multipom pompom maker has been designed and developed here.


ACID stands for Anti Copying in Design, and is the UK's leading membership & campaigning organisation for design & intellectual property

Education potential

Multipom provides great educational value, supporting simple maths challenges and ideal for pupils working in groups, with the added bonus of having your own pom-pom afterwards for use in craft work!