My pompoms fall apart.

Make sure you are wrapping the frame LOOSELY. This is important to ensure there is very little tension on the bundle when the knots are tied around it. Also make sure you are following the instructions for tying the knots correctly. The ‘special’ knot will enable you to pull them very tight, without the need to hold it while you tie the second knot on top to fully secure it.

The ties break when I pull the knots tight.

Use a stronger yarn to tie them. A perle cotton, 6-stranded embroidery cotton or any thinnish but strong yarn would all be suitable.

My pompoms are thin and not very dense.

The frame needs wrapping more times (use more yarn) or use a thicker yarn. Alternatively, tie more ties along the bundle (this will make more pompoms) Don’t forget you can work the frame widthways to make half the amount of pompoms, which is handy to sample when using a different type of yarn and will use only half the amount.

My pompoms need trimming a lot to make them rounded.

Ensure you are evenly spacing the knots. To do this there’s a measure printed along the edge of the instruction leaflet. Remember the end ties need to be half the diameter of the pompom from each end and the other ties, twice that distance apart. Cut, using strong and sharp scissors half-way between the knots. The more accurate you position the ties, the less trimming will be required. The two end pompoms almost always need a little trim.

My pompoms don’t form a ball shape when cut.

Some yarns will benefit from wetting the pompoms, particularly when making tiny ones. After cutting the pompoms off the frame, put them in a bowl and pour some hot water on them. Ensure they’re totally saturated, squeeze out, roll in a towel to remove most of the moisture and ‘fluff up’ whilst still damp. Dry and trim if necessary.

Which yarns would you recommend?

Learn the technique of making pompoms with your Multipom using double knitting yarn (acrylic works well), but then any soft yarn, of any thickness can be used. Knitting cotton, six-stranded embroidery cotton and perle makes really dense pompoms, especially if wetted after making them - see the tips in the instruction leaflet. Pompoms made with pure wool can be felted, after making them, to form really dense tight balls. Experiment with any yarn, wetting them if necessary to form rounded pompoms.