Want the hottest new product in pom pom land? Here it is!

This product takes pom making to the next step, by allowing you to create multiple pom poms at the same time! Get on the yarn-based pom pom craze and start making your own pompoms, whether big or small.

Using a very clever frame, you can make up to 20 pom poms in one go, using any type of yarn you like. Simply follow the clear and simple instructions included in the pack. You'll also find a great ideas sheet included to get you going!

Hailed as a wonder product for this year, you don't want to miss out on this fantastic tool. Use it to create a ton of different things, including pom pom bouquets, pom pom garlands, pom pom trim for sewing projects...and more!

It's especially great for times when you need to make a lot of poms, such as for events or weddings, enabling you to make your poms much more quickly and all the same size.

My Sewing Box

"It's the best new product I've seen for a longtime"

Crafter at The Creative Stitches Show, Shepton Mallet

I bought the party pack of Multipom for a children's party and it was a great success. The tool is easy to use and with a good supply of wool, you can make a multitude of pom-poms in a short space of time. We made a huge number of them and used canvasses to sew the pom-poms onto them in the shape of each child's initials. It proved really popular, and we are now undertaking pom-pom garlands for every season.

Sam Packer (Workshop on the web)

I had heard a lot of good things about this Multipom product and wasn't disappointed when I saw it in the flesh.

You have come up with a cracking idea, and your demonstration of the product is great; it certainly creates an interest, demand and sales.

Event Sales Manager

I found the Multipom really easy to use and loved the variety in size and fullness of the pompoms I could create with it. This really cuts down the time-heavy aspect of creating pompoms and allows you to have more fun using them!


I thought the Multipom was such a simple, but ingenious design - I made more pompoms in the space of a few hours than I'd previously made throughout my entire life! It took a bit of trial and error to get small pom poms that were still round and fluffy, without a visible center line, but I think I cracked it.


I really enjoyed using the pompom maker and found it simple to use, although it was difficult to tie the individual pom poms together and they ended up being a bit loose which was a shame. I can see it being great fun for projects that need lots of pompoms and it would save you a lot of time!


'My 8 year old grand-daughter appeared in the kitchen saying she had made multiple bobbles without any help - she had read the instructions and made enough bobbles to decorate the sitting room rug !'


"Whilst surfing the net for some Easter presents I visited your multipom site. I found your images very inspiring, they were so bright and cheerful and your ideas for using pom poms to personalise both household and clothing seemed very achievable. It certainly motivated me to want get a kit and make something to cheer up and add a little fun to some of my items"

Jackie, Hertfordshire

"I remember as a child making pompoms at school and have been hooked ever since. When I discovered that I could make more than one at a time you can imagine I could not wait to get started. I used the booklet attached to spark off ideas and made them during a long car journey, as I could not wait until after my holiday. I am already planning my Xmas decorations with pompoms and fir cones! I am thinking gold, silver, sequins and pearls combined with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and minature pine cones! Thank you for the inspiration; I will be spreading the word...."

Paula, Norfolk